entering a photo contest part 2

On Thursday I officially entered five of my photos in a local county fair contest. I bought mattes and I’m glad I did as much of the competition that I saw that day had mattes too. It was only required to mount the photos on 11×14 board but I had a feeling I should get the mattes that were precut. They look nicer being matted.

There is quite a bit of competition and I saw some nice photos there. it’s fun being part of it this year.

Today is Day 1 of the fair. They will keep the Fine Arts building closed for the day to judge. Tomorrow they open it with all the awards given. My husband asked if I wanted to go tomorrow to see if I win anything. We normally go early in the week. I might wait until then. I’d love to win a ribbon but I’m not getting my hopes up. I’m just glad I entered. It’s brought a little of the spark back – I needed that.

Here are the photos I entered. The represent 5 categories. BW landscape, still life w no insect, winter landscape, farm animal, and other. ( the icicles are in the other category). :






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