Angel Yahtzee

I am going to post something a bit lighter than my last couple of posts. Just need a little breather from all of that other stuff.

Yahtzee Gold

Yahtzee Gold

I love to play electronic Gold Yahtzee. If you have never seen one of these games I will share a picture of one because I am pretty sure they don’t make these anymore (ours is ten years old I think and isn’t it weird it still works- the battery is the original) – I have looked online for new ones and Amazon has them for $60(?) what? They must have real gold in them. AND they are addicting…

My husband and I love this game so much that we take it on vacation.  He did not want me to share with readers that we use this Yahtzee game in the bathroom from time to time- but now I have shared it and its out there and I think people can relate to us wanting something to keep us occupied in the bathroom. What?- there is probably a copy of some magazine in your bathroom..maybe you are even reading this post in your bathroom. Wow- I have digressed way off-topic.

What this post is supposed to be about is my angels (and Yahtzee gold but i’ll get to that soon). I believe in angels and I believe in guardian angels. I am not an expert on angels or anything but I happen to know that I have two angels who watch over me. Why did I get two? I think it is because I am a lot to handle for just one angel. How do I know I have two? I am not sure I can explain why –  I just know. I think we all have an angel or two (or more) looking after us.  The other day my angels messed with me by taking over my Yahtzee Gold game. So I will share this story and you can decide what you think:

I picked up our Yahtzee Gold the other day and began a game…my husband was on the phone- my kids were doing whatever they were doing and i was going to have a few minutes to relax before getting dinner on the table. So on my first roll I got a Yahtzee- a Yahtzee is five of a kind and worth 50 points for the first one and 100 for every Yahtzee after that- no big deal(well it is a big deal because it is a Yahtzee but one is -well- just one.) On each turn you get three rolls and it is the result of the 1-3 rolls that gives your score for that turn. So I took my next turn and got another Yahtzee- it has happened to me before- so I wasn’t shocked but I was happy. So I have 150 points so far and I am pretty psyched…and then on my third turn I get a third one- What? Like that is really weird to get a third Yahtzee IN A ROW. I have been playing for years and I have gotten three in a game and not very often but never three in a row! These were Yahtzees with only one roll per turn. This is rare. What was up?

So I thought “angels!” – not sure why this popped into my head but it did. I have thought on a few other occasions that maybe my angels were helping me get needed rolls when it seemed unlikely that I would have a successful turn – like when an inside straight would turn up on a third attempt. I laughed out loud (LOL) at my crazy thought that an angel was helping me..but then I thought ok heres a challenge…I said aloud –“if you are here then give me a 4th Yahtzee on this roll”…I pushed the button and heck yes!!! I got a fourth Yahtzee and with only one roll! This is crazy stuff! By this time I was floored and I said – with tears in my eyes- “Ok I know you are here and thank you for being here”. Then I am wondering is anyone else there? Nana, Jean, Barbara, Christine…people dear to me that I had left our world. It was all kind of weird…but cool.

I kept playing – and I would like to say my next turn was a Yahtzee- it was not…but it was a full house! – I think I accomplished that in two rolls..details are fuzzy bc I was pretty psyched that my angels were there and it kind of became about the angels and less about the game. Then I rolled again and I got another Yahtzee! So if you lost count that is now 5 Yahtzees in one game and all happened on one roll per turn….this was uncanny and I can say it never has happened to me before. So then I began talking to my angels – if anyone had been nearby they may have thought I lost my mind.

The rest of the game went fast because I got what I needed on .Every. Turn.  I think maybe I only took my second roll on a turn a few times – and maybe a third roll once. I did not have to take zero in any category. Everything was going my way- and I got the 35 point bonus. I didn’t even realize that my final score was 678 right away – I was blown away by the experience! 678 is very high for electronic Yahtzee. My high score before that was 617. Normally scores are 150-300. Nobody else in the family had ever gotten over 550. It was quite surreal.

The score!

I ran to show my husband the total. I must say I was kind of emotional thinking that my angels may have been trying to let me know they are there. It was also comforting. I am not sure what you will think but I would like to believe that once in a while we get a little nudge from the other side – whether we recognize it as such is another thing. Hmm…I wonder if my angels would be as much help in a casino…

thanks for reading…

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