Thinking About the Open Road

If you asked me a couple years ago if I would ever leave this farm I would have said no. I thought I would be here 20 years. But life has a way of changing and as much as I love this place I can see leaving here. With some challenges in the last year I am less mobile than I was so even these 4 acres are hard to keep up. I have teens to help when bribed but they won’t always be here (will they?) so the back forty would be left to Kevin and I. I love this place as I said above but I think I want other things too. The other things I may want more than staying here and worrying about so many things getting done. Hiring people in to do them is very expensive too!

A year makes a big difference in ones outlook sometimes. Having a serious illness made me realize that I really want to live at the beach. We had always planned on that in an abstract way. We dreamed of having this farm and a place at the beach. But in this last year when we began to think about it in the concrete we realized we would like to live at the beach sooner than later and having two homes isn’t in the financial picture.

So I began pondering what beach would I like to land myself in? There are so many beaches and towns I want to see. Some on the east coast- some on the west – and some on the Gulf.  Do I have to pick just one?  Kevin and I began talking about The Plan -coming up with different scenarios. One is having a home base at a beach – we love Bethany Beach in Delaware – and then traveling in winter to other beaches. So do we rent places for a month or two at other beaches? I guess that could be a good plan but I think there might be a better way- an RV.  I know- some of you may cringe – I to was an avid camper in that backpack, pitch the tent on the trail, poop in a hole by the tree way (ok I didn;t like that so I often waited to find rustic port o Johns.)- but the point was that I was so anti-RV. RV’s were for old people. That was until I went camping in one many years ago. My aversion to living like a turtle with your house on your back changed.  I never would admit it back then as I was still on the early end of my 30’s and tainted by years spent with RV haters- but I became a closet RV lover. My love of them was further sealed on the last couple camping trips we took- one to a mosquito infested beach in southern MD when Kevin and I were dating, and the other to a Yogi Bear themed park where we slept on air mattresses with 3 kids and a dog..I ended up on the ground after the stupid mattress lost all the air..yes I need more luxury.

I became a huge RV fan when my friend Anna began blogging about her Air Stream she named Beatrice. Anna is an incredible photographer and traveler.(Check out her Facebook page here)  Her blogging about Beatrice and the glamper world really fueled my crush on RV’s (sorry Airstream owners – you think they aren’t RVs but they kind of are-but they rule over all other RVs- Except maybe Trace Atkins macked out RV. I saw that on HGTV- it was fly. I cannot believe i used that word! I liked it.)

I came out of the closet as an RV lover in the last few years when I realized I am “old” and my back cannot take lots of sleeping on grounds and crappy air mattresses. So I’m thinking maybe we have a home base at one beach – where we would have a condo- bc if I have horses still they will have to be living someplace and that could be home base. They wouldn’t live in the condo just to make that clear. Then we could have an RV to hop in with all the dogs in tow and travel to wherever our hearts may take us. There are still many places off the continent I want to see but I have an aversion to traveling by plane- so the RV version of my future sounds great. And we can even give the RV life a try sooner than later by renting one for a trip somewhere.

I have even considered having an RV as our ONLY home. Then I think what about the kids and all the stuff? I love to purge but what about my Nana’s desk and her buffet? What about the pounds of photo albums (yes I could scan them and put them on a cloud but like to flip the pages and touch the photos). I can’t think all that through just yet- but there is an element of freedom in thinking I could live in one small space with only the things I really need.

I don’t know how it will all end up- but a girl can dream. I have begun pricing RV’s and even looked at RV parks and what they cost and what they offer as far as amenities- and do they take dogs and are there dog amenities nearby. I have my priorities – bc where I go dogs will be with me. Oh and my husband will be with me but his requirements are much less than mine and the dogs!

I might leave the farm life behind me but I will make new memories in the next chapter of life and i have great memories of the chapters that are behind me. Life is a one heck of a ride- (no pun intended:)

Future Sweeney Shack?

Or maybe this baby?

Or maybe we could join the cult of Air-streamers out there!

Look at the inside of this baby!

Thank for reading—




2 thoughts on “Thinking About the Open Road

  1. Nancy Lamphere says:

    We are a kindred spirit. My story echos yours so much. I will be interested to see how it goes w/u. Maybe I will get the courage to do the same.

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