Where did my brain go?



Look at the picture above. Does this seem like an excessive amount of Licorice Root to you? It does to me too! I have no idea how I got so much Licorice Root though apparently I ordered it. I did not intend on receiving this much LR.  Apparently I forgot on three occasions that I ordered this because that is how many packages arrived containing this stuff.

I got the first order and then a day later an order came with 3 more bottles in it. Then the next day another package arrived with another 2 bottles. It became a joke in the house. When a package arrives here now my kids are like “I bet it’s more Licorice Root!”- yea haha. I looked on Amazon bc they must have made this mistake(we order a lot from Amazon- it has everything)…nope..I ordered 4 bottles a mere 3 days apart. The other order came from another online seller completely. What the heck is wrong with my brain? Maybe I was having Licorice Root withdrawal.

I have no recollection of this – except ordering the LR one time. How do I not recall ordering the three bottles and ordered more? My brain is not working right! I don’t need that much Licorice Root. I am scaring myself!

This is not the first time I have done this. I did it with Omega 3 and I seem to be forgetting small things- a lot. Which is bad because when my teen says to me that I said this or that, or I said that they could have this or that how do I know if they are putting one over on me or if I really said it? And they are catching on too…which makes this even worse.

I take Licorice Root to help my adrenals which is supposed to help my brain indirectly – I think. I guess I need to read up on this. I take a large amount of pills in the morning all vitamins, herbs and minerals- you would think that I would be getting better brain power out of one of them. Apparently not. I guess I could blame this on  peri- Men- O- Pause…I could string that excuse out for years. Maybe my family won’t commit me. The reason this is happening is due to a combo of things I think – but good Lord I need to manage this somehow or we will run out of money and closet space. Pretty sure I cannot legally resell vitamins.

I guess from now on I am going to have to double check my Amazon orders and my email to police myself. How exhausting! I guess I should be glad that bigger ticket items haven’t shown up here in multiples. Though I kind of wish I would forget I have an Ipad …I could use a new one.

Who bought the Cumin? Nope -It was not me! Thanks for reading….


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