Just like the Griswolds?

For two weeks Ozzy has wanted to put up Christmas lights outside. Every day he has asked and every day we had to put him off because we had a lot of other things to do. He persisted ( he is the only kid still into the decorating part of the holiday). Today after running errands in the morning we came home to Ozzy once again asking if we were putting up lights today. It wasn’t in the plan but he’s been wanting this for so long. He hasn’t given up. So hubby decided to get on it. He said “Let’s put up some lights. Is it ok if we go Griswold or do you have a plan?” He was looking at me. Oh in years past I would have had a plan. You can’t put up mixed lights. I only wanted white. Inside the box for me. But no more. I’m a changed girl. “I don’t care how you do it” I said. Have at it boys!

So out they went. I suspected Ozzy had some plan in his mind. A little while later hubby Kevin came in and reported that they were going to Ace. New lights were needed because most of all the light we had weren’t working. Ozzy tried to get them working. He’s learned a lot in robotics about circuits and such but in the end new ones were needed. They are cheap. Go for it boys.

I headed out to hang oversized ornaments on the tree in front of the house. The men were back from the store and busily putting up lights Everywhere. It is not what I would have planned. But I told them to go for it. I could not intervene and go back to my inside the box ways. Let them have fun. I did move an odd strand and suggested we didn’t need to frame the entire door with lights.

Would this be a Griswold house? Millions of lights, electrical problems, seen from space? I think not. I wasn’t really sure what we would end up with. It was a bit rough in the daylight. But it wasn’t about that. It was that the men of this house who are often in different rooms doing various things apart from each other got together in electrical creativity to decorate our home for the holiday.

As luck would have it lights just look good in the dark. When we came home from being out last night it was dark. We had left when it was light out so the great unveiling would occur as we drove up to the house. Lo had behold their effort looked pretty darn good. (Aka Lights look good in the dark). The pictures below don’t do it justice it does look better than that.  I like the tree the best. Ozzy was very pleased with how it turned out. There is talk amongst the men of adding more lights today. I’ll post updates pictures of this happens.

I’m just glad to see all the guy togetherness. Even if it meant I had to give up creative control. It worked out without me just fine. I bet the teens will be hiding when it is time to remove them. I told the hubby we were not keeping lights up all year long–no way–..hmm…I do get some control after all…

Thanks for reading.


I had to look like I was doing something!


At work? or is L on his phone?


Not 250,000 lights!



It does look better in person:)


This horse has seen better years (as I have I) but the creative staff wanted him up.



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