Sinking deeper and deeper

I need bouyancy

Some days I see the ripple on the surface

but on others i am too far under- stuck in murky thick cold water

I see nothing

I need buoyancy

What can save us from drowning in our fears

or in our own tears

We need bouyancy

that one thing that can keep us afloat

Keep us seeing the ripples in the water

and the birds in the air

Some days i have only one hand above the surface

as the rest clings to it struggling to rise above the depths

There is no breath

Some days I wake up and I am floating not just above the water

but high in the air

I see what this life is all about

The twists and the turns

the purpose

the reasons

Bouyancy saved me

but love makes me live


Some days are tougher than others but better days always come…and love is what matters most.

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