Little Visitor

We have a visitor on the farm…or perhaps a new resident.  I have only seen he or she from afar- like an aberration. Little tail sticking up…little body skittering about. The likes of which looks like a black and white kitten.

I have not been able to get a clear photo. This kitty is stealth. I am assuming this is a feral kitty because of it’s evasive behavior but comfort around other animals. I have seen the little bit hanging near the chicken coop – I went out to it check and it was gone as if nothing had been there- nothing responded when I called “kitty kitty” (except the chickens). My husband had seen this kitten the other day very quickly. He was close enough that he swore the cat didn’t have any ears. (maybe a genetic thing? There is a breed called a Scottish Fold that has folded ears.)

Scottish Fold

Then the other night he was sitting with our other cat, Mango, by the barn door. Horses nearby and my dogs barking like crazy on the other side of the fence did not seem to bother him. I watched in the low light (could not grab a picture it was all blurry) as he followed Mango to the little opening in the the barn door made at one time for goats. Mango disappeared inside and the kitten stayed outside for about 30 seconds trying to decide whether to head inside or not. But in he went and I haven’t seen him since. There is a big feeder in the barn full of cat food so he may be head deep in cat chow!

I had been secretly wishing (well not so secret since I voiced the wish) for a kitten. I knew we really could not afford to get one- even from the feral cat people. It would require extra money for donations and such that we really can’t afford now. But I felt like Mango might like a friend. We had three cats not long ago but the life of a barn cat can easily be cut short early on. One of ours just left one day and had been at one neighbors hanging out -another neighbor thinks he may have died in her shed – he had been known to venture into sheds. I choose to believe he is living happily at another home!  The other one had a terrible virus and we let her go last spring. Mango was the lone cat left. Mango is shy but not feral. Once she knows you she wants you to pet her when she chooses to share her presence with you. She is one of those cats that bites and scratches you when you stop petting her. So she has to be pet quickly- she will beg for affection and then she zaps you! Maybe she needs a kitty friend to keep her company. I was glad to see our new visitor sitting with her. They seemed content. So we will see- or maybe we won’t! This little kitten may stay under human radar. I will try to have a proper meeting but I have a feeling it will take a while if it is to happen at all.

I decided our new friend needed a name and a versatile one – one that can morph into a male or female name.(In the event I ever can get close enough to determine it’s sex.). So I chose Will Feral – or Wilma if needed. I will report more on Will if I see him! I sure hope I do because I want to see if he has ears!

Thanks for reading…

3-25-15- We had a sighting! Ran out of the barn around to coop and then turned around and ran back into the barn. My husband saw ears this time! and Will has black with white paws – like my cat Mittens from my childhood. I hope Will will begin to surface when we are in there but it might be a while!

3 thoughts on “Little Visitor

  1. I love Scottish Fold cats so I hope the kitty is one of those. Mango may be a bit like Murphy was – always finding little lost friends and bringing them home with him!

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