All in a day

Everyday is different and really isn’t that what’s cool about life? You never know what a day will bring you even when you make the most detailed plans. 

Today I planned on working out and going to see a new oncologist. I wasn’t to thrilled about going to the doctors but it is what it is. After that I thought I’d get my blood drawn for my endocrinologist. Then maybe write bc I’ve had little time for that lately and maybe I’d get some other pending work done. Plus my husbands birthday is Sunday and I wanted to plan what cake I might try to bake for him.  It takes a lot of prep bc im not a baker. I just pretend to be one. 

But my day is turning out to be quite different than my plans. I did get my workout in. So that’s a check mark off the todo list. But before that I was awakened by one son who broke his wrist yesterday and is only splinted up pending a trip to the orthopedic this afternoon for a cast. My other son told me he has a fever. He was home yesterday with a stomach bug and I guess it still has a hold on him. My daughter got out to school fine and was probably happy to be away from the crazy of our home this morning! 

I came in from my workout to see my dog Pierce had not eaten his food. This has been going on for a bit and we changed foods yesterday for him. He ate well last night but today -again- he wasn’t interested. I was trying to think like a dog to figure him out. And after being told that he climbed up onto our kitchen stool next to my daughter this morning while she ate I realized Pierce is thinking like a person! So we need to meet in the middle. He’s not sick. Has tons of energy-he’s just sick of his food. I’ve tried to wait him out but I wasn’t winning that. So we got the new food and I was really happy when he ate last night. Well after the climbing antics this morning I decided to try something different.  

I sat on the floor with him. I pretended to eat his food and then gave him some on the floor in front of the bowl. He began eating. We went on like this until he ate all of it. He seems very happy now. But gassy!! Since he was off his food for over a day I thought introducing this food would be ok. But maybe he’ll have to get used to it. Hope it’s soon bc my dad comes next week for a visit! 

So after my docs appointment and my sons casting I will come home to soak the foot of my lame rooster and to reassess his living arrangement. I am told if he has a broken foot I need to cage him in a dog crate. I have him in a nice enclosed area now. But it might be too big. And he has two ladies w him and lame as he is he is still trying to make them happy if you get my drift.

At feed time I think I’ll feed Pierce on a plate. Hoping he realizes he has new food and it’s not the old food he is tired of. He will not be allowed on the stool. I have to draw the line somewhere. 

And see how good I am? I have readjusted my days plans and am ready to go. But you never know what else might get tossed in to mix it all up again. It’s just life. I try not to get to rattled and just go with it. Sometimes though I get a little off kilter and have to step away for a few to re-center myself. Though today I might not get that chance unless it’s in the bathroom. Well at least I got my workout in. 

Thanks for reading! 


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