Unexpected places

The other day when my son had a soccer practice in our local park (Watkins Park in Mount Airy , MD.) my husband – Kevin- and I decided to walk around the park on their walking trail. It is a fun walk not too hard but some hills. They have a nice dog park and its fun to walk by and see all the different dogs romping around.  We had just about completed our loop around the park when we saw another opening to a trail. I had almost forgotten about the Rails to Trails project that our town is in the process of creating. This first leg of the trail in Mount Airy is completed and it took an old railroad line and made it into a hiking trail. We decided to head off down the trail to check it out. I only had my phone with me (shame on me for not being more prepared) but I think you will get an idea of what the trail is like. I loved the rocky cliffs and the old tracks. It ends up right in our quaint downtown and I think the plan is to expand it as money allows. It is really worth the hike and it is flat and cool and serene. It is a short trail but I can’t wait to see it when it has reached its full potential. Hope you enjoy the photos…

Thanks for reading….

Read more about the nationwide Rails to Trails effort here.

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