Colonial Williamsburg

Recently we took our kids down to Williamsburg, VA to visit Busch Gardens and the Water Park there. Hubby- Kevin- had some business in Richmond and in Williamsburg so tagging along with him was a no brainer. With the kids (teens can go it alone at the parks!) dropped off at Busch Gardens we checked into the hotel and then met some good friends for dinner. We enjoyed a few drinks and Tapa’s(small plates) at Triangle across from The College of William and Mary. The food was great and they had live music as well. The prices were great too.

Williamsburg in general is clean! The entire town is so cute and beautiful. There are so many trees that it is not easy to get your bearings when there so I was glad to have GPS..I suspect a few more days there and we may have had a better sense of direction!  Our hotel- The Governors Inn- was basic but clean and only 3 blocks to town and 15 minutes(drive) to the parks.

On Day 2 we took the kids to the water park and we headed off to see historic Colonial Williamsburg. We didn’t buy tickets for the tours this time as we were pressed for time and it was hot! I wasn’t sure how well I’d do in that heat. Turns out I did ok..I got hot but thanks to some nice wind and a wet towel I was able to walk the village.

I loved Colonial Williamsburg and got some good picture with only my IPhone in tow. I left the big cameras at home this time and decided to opt for the camera on the phone. It was a hot day but sunny and clear so the photos came out pretty well.

At first I thought it might be weird to be hanging with people in costume and character but it was very cool. They were kind of in and out. (I did have one guy tell Kevin and I all about his view of Civil War history and Slavery as a southerner – He was from Charleston and a teacher. He was working in the park for the summer- yes he was not in character for that convo! Probably a no no but he was interesting.)

I definitely want to go back in cooler weather to take in Colonial Williamsburg more fully. I would like to see Jamestown too. We only gave ourselves 4 hours and it was not enough to get around the village and the market place (the stores in a walking mall just outside the Village on the Duke of Gloucester Street – I love that name), have lunch, and take a quick dip in the hotel pool before we left. We didn’t even make it to the Governors Palace area. By the way, after check out are you allowed to swim in the pool? We didn’t know but when we arrived early the day before the hotel staff said we could use the facilities while we waited for our rooms to be cleaned -so we assumed that after checkout they would not be too upset that two middle aged people jumped into their pool. We are rogue aren’t we? We did have to change in the car which is not fun when you are wet!

There are many golf resorts in the area and a vineyard and Anheuser- Busch brewery and the stables. So much to do and see. Virginia Beach is less than an hour away as well.

This was a quick get-a-way but very enjoyable. If you have a chance to see Williamsburg, Va I would say go for it – there is something to do for all ages.

Thanks for reading….

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