Horse Jewelry? Try Rhythm Beads…

I have been on a writing hiatus. I have a ton of draft posts started and that’s overwhelming on top of all the other overwhelming stuff that has put me on this writing hiatus. I love writing so I don’t want to back away from it bc it seems daunting. I looked at all the draft posts and I decided to pick just one that I want to write. Nothing heavy just fun – so here it is. I am writing about Horse Rhythm beads. A fun and easy thing to tackle.

What in the heck are rhythm beads? Rhythm beads are a necklace for your horse! The necklace consists of beads and bells. The sound that the bells make while riding is said to be calming to the horse and rider. The other bonus is that the noise can alert wildlife that you are coming when you are on a trail ride. Nobody likes deer to jump out in front of their horses while on a path!

The origins of rhythm beads come from Native Americans.  Native Americans dressed up their horses not only for beauty but each piece had a purpose – mostly to provide protection to the horse and rider. I have been using rhythm beads for many years. I am so used to riding with them that it would seem odd not to have them jingling during my ride.

My horse adjusted to the beads right away. He is not spooked easily by things so I just put them on and off we went. It is advised to introduce them to your horse. Show the beads to them- and shake them so they can hear the noise they make. If that goes ok you can place them around their neck and maybe groom them while they wear the beads. Maybe jingle them a bit. Take them off.  Do this a couple more times. Then go out for a ride with them on but only walk – if that is going well begin to work at faster speeds. Pretty soon the sound of the beads will become a part of your rides. Never leave the beads on a horse – they are only to be used while riding.

There are many places online that sell these beads. Just google Rhythm Beads. I have also found them on as well.

Take a look below at the video I took while riding recently. It lacks in quality bc it is not easy riding a horse and filming at the same time! But you will be able to hear the beads in action.

These beads are from –Kristi Lyn Glass. Prices vary from site to site and can be more expensive with more detail , more bells and embellishments.  I love the way they look and I love how they sound.

Thanks for reading……


This is a mane dangle

These attach with a clip on the mane and has a quick release piece in case the necklace becomes caught on something while you are riding.

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