Back in Charm City

My husband, Kevin, and I took the opportunity the other day after an appointment at Hopkins for an eye check for me( 2 yrs post cataract surgery) to go to our favorite area of Baltimore – Fells Point. It was a beautiful day. Low humidity -sun and light breeze. I felt so lucky to be there again and we just planned a light dinner. 

We found parking easily as we got to town just around 4pm. We walked down to the corner pub and restaurant The Point at Fells. We got lucky again with a seat outside. The restaurant sits across from the harbor so we had water views while eating. There is a large construction project going on as well and it is pretty amazing watching the floating cranes do their thing. 

Part of the fun of dining outside is people watching. We saw many diners with their dogs sitting with them. What we didn’t expect to see was a young twenty something walking down the walk with a small black cat wrapped around his neck. He stopped by our table to allow another person with a dog to go by. We began a chat with him mesmerized by this small little cat seemingly so content in the neck of his person.  The cat -kitten really -was Edgar Allen. He literally was rescued by the young man when he caught the kitten as it was being tossed out a window in the city.  He had never been a cat person he said but he really loved that cat. Edgar Allen’s person asked us for some money to maybe help feed Edgar Allen. I gave him some thinking he had a lot of hudspa in asking while we were sitting at a restaurant table. You never know what people need and I have a soft spot for helping those in need on the streets. I lived in Boston years ago and since becoming country I had forgotten just how many people ask for money and by the end of the evening I finally had to say No. I felt bad but we were running out of cash.  I would give to every person that asked if I could. Anyway I didn’t get Edgar Allens picture darn it . Edgar’s person was beckoned by someone else and off they went. I just hope Edgar Allen gets a can of tuna or ten. 

We decided to take the water taxis all over the harbor. I had never done this before. I was always too anxious. I had a fear of being on the taxi and not being able to get off when I wanted. I had a fear of having a panic attack and – I don’t know- freaking out. When you have an anxiety disorder you can be controlled by what-ifs. But not now no way (well I still have my moments) but the thought of riding the taxi on a beautiful August evening where the water was shining and the air was unseasonably perfect was more enticing than the any potential anxiety knocking on the door – I just wasn’t going to answer. So off we went and it was great. It turned into an awesome photo op for me and very relaxing for Kevin.  It’s always like being in another world on the water. I don’t do boats often so the other worldly feeling doesn’t lose its appeal. Im so glad we went. 

Somewhere along the journey we walked past the Hyatt Place hotel which is near Fells Point and Little Italy. It’s the same place we stayed in April when we went for our anniversary. Maybe they have a room. What are the chances on a Friday in August? We looked at eachother and decided to give it a try. Winner! They had a room. We texted the teens to tell them we wouldn’t be coming home that night. It felt so rogue! I felt young! Not sure what my kids thought because normally on the rare occasions that we do go away for a night and leave them I give them a ton of written instructions and rules. Mom is not spontaneous- she’s a planner. It’s fun to change it up on them and really fun to let go and just be in the moment. 

We left the hotel and took off for Little Italy looking for a bakery and fattening food. Little Italy doesn’t disappoint. The ambiance is so cool. The aromas from the many restaurants made me hungry for dinner number two but we withheld. We came upon about 200 people standing and sitting in lawn chairs. gathered on a corner in a vacant lot. A band was playing. Later , as we left Vicarros bakery, the band On the corner lot had stopped and an Italian movie with English subtitles was playing against the side of a brick building . It was really cool.  I’d like to say I loved all the goodies we got at the bakery but I wasn’t thrilled. Maybe I didn’t get their signature items. That was a bummer but the decaf coffee was divine. 

We grabbed a water taxi ride back to Fells Point so we could pick up our car. The ride on the water at night was so nice and peaceful. I could have ridden all night. I’m sure I would have fallen asleep. 

I know Baltimore has had its issues lately – the riots in the city were a very sad thing. There is a huge re-urbanization movement and with that comes issues. On top of that anger at the death of Freddie Gray when he was in police custody was the tipping point and riots ensued. I didn’t see any leftover damage from the riots and while we walked through the city we never felt unsafe. It’s hard for me to link what I saw on TV that day with the very streets we were walking on the other night. The vibe was positive people were out and about and chatting. I was very glad to see that. Baltimore is really a special city. I feel such a connection to it and I happy that I got to spend some time there again. I’ll be back Charm City. Until we meet again -be well. 


leaving Fells Point on the water taxi




This is the East Side of the Harbor – lots of building .


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