Managing near and far – wish I could manage Jonas away.  

There are times when I realize I’m in total management mode. My mind is full of lists of things that need to get done some of which get transferred to paper lists. 

I’m in that mode now. I’m trying to manage two things – preparing for a blizzard at our farm in Maryland while i am away getting my mom through back surgery and hopefully into a rehab facility by Monday.  I left my teens about 8 lists of things to do for different areas of our homestead. Will they get the tasks done? I think they will step up -among their distractions. 

The most recent plan was that my husband – Kevin- and I would leave the day before my moms surgery and head to Pennsylvania about 90 minutes from our farm and take my mom to surgery at the hospital where she would be admitted and then sent to a rehab center or to a nursing facility w rehab in a few days. We would then leave for home the same day as surgery after she was settled in her room. We would get home well before the blizzard began. 

Well that plan changed. We are still here in PA and the blizzards (aka Jonas ) arrival is less than 24 hours away. Today we hit a snafu, we found out that my moms stint in rehab for her recovery from back surgery wasn’t a sure thing. For some reason we had gotten the idea it was.  But we were wrong. So today I had to circumvent the medical establishment and try to learn all about how to get my mom into a nursing facility that would provide her with rehabilitative services that will get her stronger and more confidant to return to her home. Eventually she will be moving to Maryland near me – but first things first. 

The new plan now is to see how she is doing tomorrow and to make sure Occupational and Physical therapists get in to evaluate her. They get the say as to whether my mom needs to be in rehab. So we are counting on them realizing she needs to be more ambulatory before she goes home. 

Once we get some confirmation on this or when the clock strikes one 0’clock we will get in the car and head home in an effort to get home before the storm begins. I have been assured that in the event they decide she doesn’t need rehab they would not kick her out of the hospital during a blizzard when she would have no way to get home and we could pick her up when it’s safe to drive again. 

What I’m hoping to hear is that they will take her to the rehab center when it’s safe for transport to take her where she will stay until she is strong enough to be at home alone safely. So today I managed that here in PA and managed the storm prep at our farm in MD from afar. I feel like a ping pong ball bouncing my attention from one thing to another. 

I’ve stopped watching The Weather Channel. I’m stressed enough I don’t need to add the ongoing storm drama on top of that. I’m getting enough notifications on my phone reminding me there is a blizzard warning in our area at home.  I can’t fathom the snow totals 20-30 inches – and high winds, potential power outages. Our power almost always goes out in a bad storm and we bought a generator which I’m hoping we get home in enough time to set up. 

I’ve been texting the kids to get buckets of water filled and put into our gym (part of our barn) which stays above freezing mostly. Those will be for the animals if we lose power and can’t get the well pump hooked into the generator. We need other buckets of water in the bathrooms (no power =no well pump =no working potties) – and we can’t fill the bathtubs BC the dogs chewed all the plugs and we forgot to buy more. (Amazon – expect my order soon). 

We have tarps to be put up for chicken and duck protection, wood to haul in for the wood stove that we never use. Feeders to fill up and hay to put out in the event we can’t get to the horses and the chickens and ducks. 

It’s all doable but my three teens are implementing my lists while I try to mange from far away.  Xbox and tv could take precedence over prepping because I’m not there to manage them. I’m told things are under control. I can just see buckets being filled between commercials. 

I can only do so much. I’ve got to let some of the control go to my higher power and just go with it. I’ve done my best in this crazy situation. 

My friend Donna who messaged me today – reminded me that it will work out exactly the way it’s supposed to. “Breathe” she wrote. Thanks for the reminder friend. 

I took the drive back from the hospital to my moms home to do just that stopping to take in the gorgeous views of the Lancaster area countryside. A view to clear the mind. 

We will get through this. We will get things worked out for my mom and the snow will come and hopefully with not too much damage and then it will melt and in a few months flowers will be blooming. 

This too shall pass. 


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