Jonas on the way out

According to the weatherman Jonas should be out of here soon. I think we got about 30 inches. We have a blizzard warning through tonight -the snow is supposed to stop around 8pm but the winds will still be a problem overnight.  The wind has been brutal and I’ve had a facial as snow has been blown in my face all day. The drifts are amazing! 

Pretty much all our digging out efforts earlier were at least halfway covered back up due to more snow and drifting.  We got back to work to make a path back to the barn and we dug  a “rest”area for my moms dog because she is pint size and if I let her out with out other dogs we would lose her in a drift. She is not “resting” in her rest area. So I’m a bit worried where she might rest but it’s ok it’s been a confusing week for her. So the rest area has become a bird seed area. We can’t forget our bird friends during this storm. 

   Suki my moms  dog -she is staying with us while my mom recovers from back surgery. 

Bird feed in the rest area.   

Don’t forget to feed the birds. 
 Round two this afternoon was more tiring -I am not in blizzard shape. Just lifting my giant muck boots as I made my way though the snow was hard. Not to mention I was wrapped up  like a toddler in my purple Tractor Supply overalls and jacket. I will say I have been very warm in that get up but the mobility isn’t great!  My gloves were a fail. So I’m ordering some good gloves from LL Bean tonight. It won’t help this time but warm gloves are a huge asset on a farm. 

I think Kevin climbed into our chicken runs at least three times today. It was hard to keep snow out of the run even though we tarped them tight. The snow finds its way in any crack. So Kevin cleared them out as best he could. 

Kevin was getting loopy I think when he told our ducks “don’t fear the marines are hear to save you!” The ducks never think anything is funny and just ran from him as him brought their feed and water closer to their heat lamp. It’s a nice Florida vacation temp in their area. 

I have been throwing more sawdust down in the stalls. Sawdust helps keep things dry and will help with slippery surfaces as well. The horses would rather we toss them their hay and skip housekeeping all together. Horses don’t always have a sense of humor ESP around feed time. 

 See how serious he is.  
We are having issues with snow piling up on the rooftops of the house and barn. We knocked some off already but that will be another chore tomorrow. We sometimes forget to look up and I’m glad is did today BC there was quite a bit of snow up there. 

I am ever thankful for my teens lending a hand in digging us out. I’d love to say they were very eager to help but I don’t like to lie.  They did do a lot of work and during that time I didn’t have to hear the Xbox or be asked if they could play the Xbox. It might be a long few days. I kind of hoped maybe they would want to play a board game but that might just be a dream. Kevin and I may rent Zoolander as we are in for the night.  But I may fall asleep before we get to that movie. 

 I’m waiting to hear from my moms nurse and to hopefully speak to her. I called a bit ago and they said she was sleeping so that is good. In a way being so busy today helped to keep the stress about my moms health at bay.  

What a day. Tomorrow will be the big dig out. 

Here some misc shots from the afternoon feed time. 








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