The Sweeney’s vs Jonas 

Jonas the blizzard is here in full force. I’m thinking we’ve had about 24 inches of snow so far. The drifting makes it hard to determine exactly how much.

I was able to speak to my mother today in the hospital and she was able to complete sentences today so that is better than yesterday.  She isn’t eating much and she’s in pain. I did hear from a nurse and they are trying to get an infection treated and they are trying to control her pain. So that’s as good as it’s going to be now . So now the farm becomes a priority for a bit.

I’d like to go on record to say that I was first to the barn this morning and I forged  through 2 feet of snow and higher in some areas to create the the trail(it was slow going)  that has now been dug out by my teens as a pathway to the barn. Let’s hope their efforts aren’t completely covered up by the continuing snowing and blowing.

I was a little nervous about going out there and trying to get to the barn. My shoulders are crap now and if I fell I wondered if I could get up. I was afraid of the storm but I needed to get to my animals so off I went -and Kevin would have found me if I fell as he was only a couple minutes behind me. So there was that comfort.

We’ve been outside feeding animals, shoveling snow , fixing stuff, moving feed and water so they are more accessible.  Zhou think you are ready but when the weather comes you often find chinks in the plan.  The snow finds its way through tiny cracks under the barn door to create a great mound sitting alone in the storage room.

Being out in the power of nature is truly like feeling hyper alive. The natural world is so in your face. It’s rather wild and exciting to be in the midst of a blizzard. The wind and the quiet. It’s like you are inside a pillow. A cold pillow.

I couldn’t do as much shoveling as I’d like because of my shoulders but I helped where I could and I am good at giving directions.  And I love giving directions as anyone living with me would attest to.

It’s amazing how animals adapt to their environment and instinctively know what to do when Mother Nature sends us a doozy.  The hens are roosting and the ducks are hanging in the run and seemed fine. The horses know to hang in a stall away from the wind.  They have lots of hay so they are happy. Our barn cat (yes one cat – my long lost cat that came back in October left again a month ago. Maybe he will visit again. Maybe in warm weather) is holing up in her pink cat house.

In light of everything we’ve made some good headway. I’m seeing we might only get 6 more inches-that’s doable.  Hopefully the winds will die down and we can start the Big Dig Out tomorrow. Things I am thankful for today:

  • Power
  • Shovels
  • Strong husband
  • Teens to lend a hand
  • Having a heater in our barn gym.
  • Snow drifts that are in a convenient place. As opposed to the ones that are not in a good place.
  • A neighbor with a Kaboda (hoping they will be generous with it tomorrow!)
  • Warm snow clothes
  • Hot chocolate
  • Warm home.
  • Power – lol

The drifts managed to not block the door to the gym which goes into the barn. The drifts also didnt settle under the prtico where the horse hang outside their stalls. So far so good.


Harley a little snow covered – but he has plenty of shelter.


The wind….


We had a little snow in the barn- we forgot to close the goat door that we leave open for our cat to come and go.

Snow cowboy!

This is the gate to the chicken enclosure. How awesome was it that there was little snow blocking the gate? This is when I was thankful for drifts.

Extra water and feed

A drift in the storage room in the barn. Came in through a small opening at the bottom of the barn door.    

Mango the barn cat.

Daughter who had a hood on (not sure why she didn’t have a cap on too- but teens know it all!

Not sure what he is doing with this get up on but as long as he could shovel thats all that mattered!

a Bad drift against the chicken run…



One thought on “The Sweeney’s vs Jonas 

  1. Raining Iguanas says:

    There is something about a storm like this that brings you back to earth. Being without power for an extended period can revitalize the spirit and remind us of the things that are most important to us. Thoroughly enjoyed your post.

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