A Vlog of a walk

I haven’t done a Vlog before. I thought I’d try it today on my walk on the lane. It’s not a real Vlog because I think I have to actually be in it don’t I?  My voice is in this one so I think that’s good enough to count as a Vlog. 

I have a special connection with this lane and I’ve written about it and I’ve photographed it. I’m never bored of the lane. It’s kept me going during a time where I was having a very tough time physically and mentally. 

I’m healing from surgery now and I am trying to get out and walk as much as I can. Today I decided to record part of my walk.  Maybe you can come along for a few minutes.  

During some of my walks Kevin likes to come along with me. Today he decided to combine his workout that he missed this morning with our walk. Did I mention he’s really into fitness? He used to own gyms and has been personal training part- time for years. And working out for him is akin to my walk down the lane for the mental health boost he gets. So for today’s walk he met me with two buckets of rocks. I kid you not. Rocks in buckets.   And he did the “farmers walk” for part of our walk together. I had to take pictures right? 

Remember he does farm work all the time. We joke with his clients that we could make an entire workout of farm chores called farm fitness. 

When I asked what he was doing with the buckets of rocks as he met me as I was on my walk. He told me he wanted to finish his workout that he didn’t get to complete this morning but he wanted to walk with me too.  

What a sweet multi-tasker he is. 

I love that he’s my partner in crime. 

One thought on “A Vlog of a walk

  1. Raining Iguanas says:

    And a lovely walk it was. You are fortunate to have heaven in your backyard you call, “The Lane.” Thank you for sharing it with us.

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