Sinking deeper and deeper

I need bouyancy

Some days I see the ripple on the surface

but on others i am too far under- stuck in murky thick cold water

I see nothing

I need buoyancy

What can save us from drowning in our fears

or in our own tears

We need bouyancy

that one thing that can keep us afloat

Keep us seeing the ripples in the water

and the birds in the air

Some days i have only one hand above the surface

as the rest clings to it struggling to rise above the depths

There is no breath

Some days I wake up and I am floating not just above the water

but high in the air

I see what this life is all about

The twists and the turns

the purpose

the reasons

Bouyancy saved me

but love makes me live


Some days are tougher than others but better days always come…and love is what matters most.

Bubbles make me Smile

Bubbles floating in the airI saw bubbles in the shower today

When I squeezed the shampoo bottle

Out they floated and skittered through the steam

I found myself smiling and inside

I felt like a kid again.

Bubbles and crayons and cupcakes

all feed that child inside me.

I am just a child I realize –

no wonder I muck it up

with my own kids sometimes.

To childish to lead a child-

so I try to push the child in me away.

But maybe this is the point

maybe if I embrace the child inside

instead of ignoring her- then maybe

I will remember those little things

that made my heart float when i was young

and maybe by embracing that

I will be a better mom.

Because I will remember

that bubbles make me smile.


mirror mirror





Curse you Department store dressing room.

Your bad lights – and mirrors of doom.

My reflection tries to mock me- “You’re looking pretty bad.

Look at those dimples and that behind of flab.”

I look a little closer and I see what she means.

I am dimply, and flabby, and 2 tushes can be seen.

Then I look at my face and it stares back at me.

There are lines and creases where smoothness used to be.

“I need a new face cream”..I whisper to myself.

“Something expensive, a miracle, and not off the shelf.”

Then I look at my hair and see limp strands- a disgrace.

“Maybe I need a new shampoo, or hairspray, or Mace.”

Wounded and low I try on each piece.

First a pair of jeans, then a shirt, then a fleece.

I close my eyes until the clothes are all on,

I step back a step and open my peeps to see what I don.

And lo and behold I don’t look too bad.

I’m not perfect- but clothes hide the flab.

Take that dressing room- you don’t win today.

I am taking these clothes and Oh by the way…

I am proud of the woman I am – it may have taken years

But I love who I am- flab and wrinkles, double butt and big ears.

I have walked a long road to get where I am.

You can try to cut me- but I don’t give a damn!

With every wrinkle and dimple there is a story to tell-

I look back in that mirror – hug myself, and say, “I think I am swell.”