Car show 

When we were down at the shore for a long weekend recently, right across the street is a country club and on a Saturday they were hosting a car show that went to benefit veterans.

Kevin and I biked over to the club not knowing what to expect. But we had seen an ad asking people to come out and vote for your favorite car. We are always up for a car show. We were pleasantly surprised to see so many old cars. There were so many. We hadn’t expected that. I have a thing for old cars. 

When I was a kid my grandmother drove an old Plymouth – I remember the push buttons on the dash and I think the car was green but I don’t recall much else I was so young. I can’t believe I remember that much. But later she got a 1966 Mustang. It was a hard top with black interior and it was canary yellow. She had that car from 1966 until she died in 1987. It had 40k miles on it. My dad sold it after she passed and I was very sad to see it go. 

I remember her driving me around in it for years and then later I drove her around in it. I remember her turning the wheel with her gloved hands (because you always wear driving gloves) around and around like she was fighting with the car to get that car to turn and she was because it had no power steering. Later when I drive her I was surprised that she was able to fight so well with that steering it was hard for me to steer! And it no AC. How did we survive without AC in cars? 

Fast forward to my adult life. I don’t know when I became enamored  with old cars. Maybe it’s the memories of past rides with my Nana. Also I dated a couple guys who had a love for old cars and another friend who was a mechanic and maybe it was back then that my interest grew. I would sometimes go sit in his shop and watch him tinker with cars -old and new but I liked the old ones best.

Have you ever watched a car auction on TV? Well I have and love them! 

I don’t know the first time I went to a car show but we’ve had monthly meet ups ( where people with old cars meet up to show them off) in a local shopping center in our town of Mount Airy,MD.  The center houses an iconic(to locals) ice cream shop named Jimmy Cone. Often over the summer the cars will meet and folks from town would come check them out and also enjoy ice cream and sometimes music. 

For me there is art in these old cars. The color and curves and lines, the polished chrome and knobs and dials are all part of an era of cars that focused on beauty and performance. A car was a “she” for sure. 

Kevin would say way back when that when I turned 50 he would get me an old Mustang. Well I’m nearly 54 and that hasn’t happened. That’s not because he didn’t want to get me one it’s because it doesn’t make sense to have such a car while we are raising three teens and managing a small farm. It’s not in the budget now. But that doesn’t mean that sometime someday we won’t get a shiny old Mustang. In the meantime I get to drool over the ones I see occasionally at cars shows or on the road. 

Kevin and I both had different votes for our favorite car. I voted for the one I would most want. Bet you can’t guess! And he voted for the coolest beachy one. Another hint!  So here is a gallery of some of the cars we saw and I took photos of some of the parts of these cars that I found beautiful. 

Enjoy. Answers way at the bottom! 

My Vote the black 66 Mustang!

Kevin’s – The Woody


Colonial Williamsburg

Recently we took our kids down to Williamsburg, VA to visit Busch Gardens and the Water Park there. Hubby- Kevin- had some business in Richmond and in Williamsburg so tagging along with him was a no brainer. With the kids (teens can go it alone at the parks!) dropped off at Busch Gardens we checked into the hotel and then met some good friends for dinner. We enjoyed a few drinks and Tapa’s(small plates) at Triangle across from The College of William and Mary. The food was great and they had live music as well. The prices were great too.

Williamsburg in general is clean! The entire town is so cute and beautiful. There are so many trees that it is not easy to get your bearings when there so I was glad to have GPS..I suspect a few more days there and we may have had a better sense of direction!  Our hotel- The Governors Inn- was basic but clean and only 3 blocks to town and 15 minutes(drive) to the parks.

On Day 2 we took the kids to the water park and we headed off to see historic Colonial Williamsburg. We didn’t buy tickets for the tours this time as we were pressed for time and it was hot! I wasn’t sure how well I’d do in that heat. Turns out I did ok..I got hot but thanks to some nice wind and a wet towel I was able to walk the village.

I loved Colonial Williamsburg and got some good picture with only my IPhone in tow. I left the big cameras at home this time and decided to opt for the camera on the phone. It was a hot day but sunny and clear so the photos came out pretty well.

At first I thought it might be weird to be hanging with people in costume and character but it was very cool. They were kind of in and out. (I did have one guy tell Kevin and I all about his view of Civil War history and Slavery as a southerner – He was from Charleston and a teacher. He was working in the park for the summer- yes he was not in character for that convo! Probably a no no but he was interesting.)

I definitely want to go back in cooler weather to take in Colonial Williamsburg more fully. I would like to see Jamestown too. We only gave ourselves 4 hours and it was not enough to get around the village and the market place (the stores in a walking mall just outside the Village on the Duke of Gloucester Street – I love that name), have lunch, and take a quick dip in the hotel pool before we left. We didn’t even make it to the Governors Palace area. By the way, after check out are you allowed to swim in the pool? We didn’t know but when we arrived early the day before the hotel staff said we could use the facilities while we waited for our rooms to be cleaned -so we assumed that after checkout they would not be too upset that two middle aged people jumped into their pool. We are rogue aren’t we? We did have to change in the car which is not fun when you are wet!

There are many golf resorts in the area and a vineyard and Anheuser- Busch brewery and the stables. So much to do and see. Virginia Beach is less than an hour away as well.

This was a quick get-a-way but very enjoyable. If you have a chance to see Williamsburg, Va I would say go for it – there is something to do for all ages.

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Unexpected places

The other day when my son had a soccer practice in our local park (Watkins Park in Mount Airy , MD.) my husband – Kevin- and I decided to walk around the park on their walking trail. It is a fun walk not too hard but some hills. They have a nice dog park and its fun to walk by and see all the different dogs romping around.  We had just about completed our loop around the park when we saw another opening to a trail. I had almost forgotten about the Rails to Trails project that our town is in the process of creating. This first leg of the trail in Mount Airy is completed and it took an old railroad line and made it into a hiking trail. We decided to head off down the trail to check it out. I only had my phone with me (shame on me for not being more prepared) but I think you will get an idea of what the trail is like. I loved the rocky cliffs and the old tracks. It ends up right in our quaint downtown and I think the plan is to expand it as money allows. It is really worth the hike and it is flat and cool and serene. It is a short trail but I can’t wait to see it when it has reached its full potential. Hope you enjoy the photos…

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Read more about the nationwide Rails to Trails effort here.


Beach on my mind (and my heart)…

We are back from our beach trip. I was not ready to come home this time. I missed my dogs (we took one with us) and I missed the horses and other critters but not enough yet to be pining to come back. Maybe that would have taken another few days.

I am typically a home body. I am not a world traveler – I dislike planes- I dislike strange places until I get used to them – sometimes I never do. There are places I want to see but some of them require plane flight and I am just not that into being in a small tube in the sky. If i do fly it will be under the influence of some relaxation drug. Or I will have to be in first class…like that will happen! Kevin and I would like to take an RV trip across the country. To me being in an RV is like taking your home with you to strange places. There is something comforting to me in that.  Home is where its at to me. But on this beach trip I was sad to leave – why- bc I had to leave the ocean. So at some point I think home and the ocean will have to be one in the same.

This time at the beach I fell in love with a new community within Bethany Beach- Middlesex Beach. It sits just south of Sea Colony and North of South Bethany.  It is a private beach limited to residents and guests. There are homes on the oceanside and on the other side of the road from the ocean. Many homes are large but inviting. They say big family gatherings to me.  We were fortunate to be just yards from the beach and boy do you get spoiled hearing the waves crashing on the shore at night. And there was the matter of the shower- the beautiful travertine tiled rain head shower- that was in house number 2 that we stayed in. There were 4 rain head showers in the house- they made showering and event. I seriously miss that shower and i must have one of these showers in my future home!

Middlesex is one of those places that is like its own little town. I am not sure how many residents live there year-round but I think there are a number of them. Many homes are rentals too which makes those of us who long to have a beach home close to the waves be able to enjoy some time in this neat community.  All the security guards were nice- they treated my dog Pierce with many goodies.  He is very shy and they were really trying to win him over.   We talked books and dogs along with other topics. We really felt welcomed there.

My friend Annie lives in Middlesex and the entire community knows her (I think most of Bethany knows her bc she is the most friendly person you could meet – and fun!) I had not seen Annie in years and years and it was like no time went by in our reconnecting.  Annie was the one instrumental in our having such a nice beach time as her agency provided us with the 2 homes we stayed in.  If you are planning a trip to the Bethany Beach area or are considering buying a home give her agency a call. I owe her this plug bc she really made our trip really great! Plus you will just like her!

I think coming home meant having to deal with things I was trying to put off or not deal with..some health issues which are getting on my last nerve…selling our other home..and of course carting kids to all of their activities. The chauffeur service is back in form just 2 days after being home! Being at the beach seems far better to me!

I am very glad to be back with all the dogs- dogs are my solace and really just part of me and my being.  It is weird to some but to some of you dog people out there who get it.  If I did not have dogs I would not be complete! So it is good being all together again.  We do plan on getting back to the beach again soon. Maybe August but definitely September. My dad has also arranged for us to come to see him Florida in December…that will be a drive but will be nice to be there for the holiday.

Kevin and I know we want to settle in some beach community somewhere in the near future. We have discussed going further south. But we both have such comfort in Bethany- didn’t I say we are home bodies?  So this week we thought maybe being in Bethany (and boarding the horses nearby if they are still with us) might be a good choice. And in the deep winter we could spend a month in another southern beach location. I like the sound of that!

God puts things on our hearts. I have had many things on my heart.  I had a farm on my heart, writing on my heart, adoption on my heart, photography on my heart and I have the beach on my heart. A lot of those things that were on my heart I have done or I do right now. I think the things on our hearts are the things we will fight to get. Or maybe they are things that when we have them or do them we feel more complete. Those things on our hearts are gifts I think.  After the year we have had I know more than ever that life is short and planning for the future is important but living life today is the only sure thing we have.  I have mentioned in another post that when you are faced with a situation that makes you realize life is short and very precious that you shrink your timeline for doing things you once said you wanted to do in the future.  I want to make sure I am enjoying life now- not in ten years when we have this or that..I can have long range plans but the ones that mean so much to me – like the beach- they need to be part of my now. Maybe not living there yet but certainly spending more time there.

So I hope that the beach is within our reach and we will live there one day. In the meantime I am thinking wouldn’t it be nice to get there every 6-8 weeks? Well one can dream:) I for one know that dreams of the heart can come true…

Thanks for reading…


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